Showcase: Imperial Japanese Forces of the Bolt Action Community

With the recent release of our ‘Empires in Flames’ Bolt Action Theatre Book, this week we delved back through the Warlord Games Forums and related Facebook groups to take stock of the current forces on offer for the Imperial Japanese forces out in the community.

‘tas 1812’ on the WG Forums

Tas: The Japanese are my first foray into Bolt Action – no-one else at my gaming group had IJA so it seemed like a good idea to me. The fact they are such a characterful force is a nice bonus too

Tas1812s Japanese (10)

Type 94 Tankette by ‘hobbyworker’ on WG Forums

While gearing-up for ‘Tank War,’ Hobby worker enlisted the help of some serious heavy armour (ahem!) in the form of the Type 94 Tankette.

Type 94 by HobbyWorker (1)


Dave Smith

Dave has been working on a full scale Burma project along with Mel and John over at Bolt Action in the Pacific Theatre

Dave Smith Japanese 3



‘rtm.Malek’ on the WG Forums

rtm.Malek: Though the Japanese Army perhaps doesn’t have access to the firepower of their German or American counterparts, it makes up for it with some of their Army Special Rules (Fanaticism, Banzai Charge, and Ambush Tactics) – and their units are attractively priced.

I decided to focus on the Burmese theater – so I started with a squad of Buntai infantry – 13 models armed mainly with Arisaka rifles and one light machine gun.



Claudia Zuminich

Claudia has wowed us time and time again – and her work on our Japanese Jungle Fighters is no exception…

If you’ve not seen her previous work on some other Pacific-related units, take a look at her US Howitzer, Baron Nishi, Buffalo Soldiers, US Marines, and US Infantry.

Claudia Japanese (4)



Mike Goss, over on the ‘Bolt Action’ Facebook Group

Mike has used our Polish Cavalry miniatures, with Japanese heads (and a few swords!) added… a fantastic simple conversion, we think you’ll agree!

Mike Goss Japanese Cavalry (5)



Jan Gradoǹ

Jan (Member of the Adaptus Geriatricus gaming club) has had a recent battle against Maciej Król’s USMC, did the Sherman get blown up? (more on this battle later)

Jan Gradon Japanese 3


Julio Peñaranda from the ‘Bolt Action’ Facebook Group

Julio has been working on some Japanese reinforcements over the past few months, adding to his force unit-by-unit – the results are rather impressive!

Julio Japanese (6)



Tilemachos Bourtzis’ armour from the ‘Bolt Action International’ Facebook Group

We love the gritty style of Tilemacho’s armour – from the camo pattern, to the weathering – and the subtle addition of foliage… all of which combined makes for some fantastic-looking armour!




Luke Emerton’s massed force – from the ‘Bolt Action International’ Facebook Page

Luke’s force seems to grow by the week! We’ve been hugely impressed by not only his painting skills but also his photography – releasing a near-constant stream of amazing photos on his Pacific board. We can’t wait to see more of his work!

Luke Emerton Japanese (1)



Brian Forrester (of the ‘Bolt Action International’ Faceboook Group)’s forces in action!

Brian recently posted some photos of a recent game which we couldn’t help but share – the Sarissa buildings really come to life with the addition of a little foliage and cinematic explosion effects!

Bian Forrester 1 Brian Forrester 2

…as you can see, there are some fantastic forces out there – but they’d always appreciate reinforcements and re-supply – so why not head over to the Warlord webstore and take a look…?

…and of course – don’t forget to pick-up your copy of the ‘Empires in Flames’ Theatre Book, which contains a whole heap of new scenarios, units, characters, and supplemental rules for fighting in the Pacific and Far Eastern Theatres!

Finally – if you want to show off your forces – and perhaps have them featured in a future Warlord Games Newsletter, head over to the Warlord Games Forums and show us yours!


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