Showcase: 8e Régiment de Cuirassiers

Warlord Games’ owner John Stallard’s recent trip to the 200th anniversary of Waterloo brought back a wealth of colour to this period in our history. We noticed Laurens Vannijvel had similarly been inspired on his blog -no pain, no glory!

Frank Samson (R) playing the role of Napoleon visits the French troops' bivouac. --Reuters

Frank Samson (R) playing the role of Napoleon visits the French troops’ bivouac. –Reuters

Laurens: These guys were worked on painstakingly – not the detail I lavished them with, but the fractured elbow I’ve recently suffered made it so! I went to the Waterloo bicentenary reenactment, and it reminded me I really had to get going on some Cuirassiers. Here we are then!

Laurens Vannijvel's 8e Régiment de Cuirassiers A
Models by Perry Miniatures, mostly plastic with a metal command set.

I mixed a metal command set in with plastic troopers, and I did convert the standard bearer into a regular trooper by putting a sword in his open hand. Not a perfectly executed conversion, but it gets the job done (he’s the one in the front left).

Laurens Vannijvel's 8e Régiment de Cuirassiers
Plenty of dynamic posing to be done with these chaps.

For the horses I used a range of coloured sprays from Army Painter and GW, whereas I used a blue undercoat on the troopers, with the exception of the musician who received a green one. There’s not much uniform colour on these guys, but by now I’m used to this kind of process so why change it.

Plenty of detailing after that, but nothing too special. I painted them up as the 8th regiment, which was really my only choice for the unit; the other which is mentioned in the Quatre Bras OOB (Order Of Battle), the 11th, allegedly fought without their cuirasses.

Laurens Vannijvel's 8e Régiment de Cuirassiers 2
Yellow turnbacks – not my favourite colour…

These lads here proved murderous in our last battle; I split them up into two separate smaller units and one rode down a Redcoat battalion in line while the other smashed a British Dragoon unit to pieces. C’est magnifique!

That’s it for now – more Napoleonics close around the bend. I’ve completed some Prussian fusiliers for my friend Henk, and I’ve finally based a fifth line regiment for my French. Stay tuned, citoyens!

You can check out Laurens’s Blog here:


Laurens used the Perry Miniatures box of Napoleonic Wars 1812-1815 French Heavy Cavalry which contains 14 cavalrymen, including 1 officer, 1 trumpeter, 1 standard bearer. All the figures come with both Cuirassier and Carabinier heads to allow you to build up units of either of these famous Heavy cavalry types (The Carabiniers are using the square service portemanteau). The set has enough arms to allow the whole unit to be ‘at the charge’ or a more relaxed shoulder swords. As there was spare room on the horse frame (if we’d put another horse on it, it wouldn’t be the right ratio for the riders frame) we decided to add a dead British Infantryman, as well as a French one and some battlefield debris. So you’ll have 3 of each casualty in the box. Just part of the French Black Powder Range:


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