Return to the Savage Core: Neanderthals!

From the strange mind of Warlord sculptor Steve Saleh come the brutish Neanderthals, gifted with superhuman strength but cursed with superstitious imaginings. The Neanderthals present explorers with their next extreme challenge.


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The setting of the Savage Core is a huge cavernous inner Earth beneath the surface of our own, reached only by chance through tortuous subterranean passageways or by following sketchy and vague maps drawn by previous explorers driven half mad by hunger and fear.

Savage Core Map

Above, it is 1932, but far below the streets of Berlin and the sewers of Paris, is a land of exotic and dangerous flora, populated by huge primordial beasts, lost tribes, anachronistic, ritualised and cruel Empires as well as clever Simians. Also traversing this savage land can be found the occasional survivor of surface world expeditions, desperately seeking a route back to the world they know, or a fanatical treasure hunter of the Third Reich searching ruined gargantuan temples for a mythical artifact or powerful sunstone.

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Welcome to the Savage Core, from Lucid Eye, produced by Warlord Games and now available direct from the webstore. Time to explore the Savage Core!


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