Re-Released: More Bolt Action Resin Vehicles!

We’re accelerating the release of our Bolt Action resin vehicles this week with a real mixed bag! Take a look at what’s back on sale here…

Soviet Bronekater Armoured Boat


A type 1124 Soviet armoured boat. This is a resin and metal kit requiring extensive assembly.

Based on the classic Soviet riverine vessel, the Bolt Action BK1124 is a floating tank. The Soviets used the bronekaters (armoured boats) to penetrate deep into estuaries and river systems to provide a platform for amphibious assaults and also supportive firepower.

These boats were designed to be carried from river to river on special carriages on armoured trains! Now there is a scenario!

THis craft is perfect for adding a few of our Bolt Action Soviet Naval troops to – there’s even a special offer to allow you to pick up both together

German King Tiger Tank

A whopping great beast of a tank. The mightiest of the mighty. This monster does not belong anywhere near a 28mm wargames table, but you know you need one. Or maybe three!

Stick one down as an objective, maybe with engine trouble, and see if you can damage the daddy. Or, be cunning and place it down instead of your PzIII, in the Normandy bocage. The enemy will be thinking every tanks a tiger anyway. Just transpose the models when they get close enough to work it out for themselves.



These fortified and pre-fabricated machine gun posts were used all over the European Theatre and along the Russian Front especially in and around Germany. Most often they were brought into place by horse and cart and they could be bad news for any Allied or Russian patrols which happened to run across them under camouflage.

M8 Greyhound Armoured Car




The M8 Armoured Car saw extensive service with the American army in Europe and the Far East. It also saw service with both British (who nicknamed it ‘Greyhound’ due to it’s high speed) and Canadian armies – especially in the Italian theatre.

Although thinly armoured the M8 was very fast and armed with a 37mm gun and co-axial .30 Cal MG. This popular armoured car was still in active service right up to 1995!

Sdkfz 251/1D Half Track




The armoured Sd.Kfz 251 half-tracks (more commonly known as ‘Hanomags’) were issued to the best-equipped Panzer Grenadier divisions, enabling Germany’s elite armoured infantry to keep up with the speeding Panzers.

They fought on all fronts – from the invasion of France, across North Africa, from the Russian front to the climactic battles across Europe and the fall of the Third Reich.

Popular with their crews, they gave speed and protection from small arms fire and shell splinters in the final approach to combat, enabling the squad to disembark close to the target whilst the Hanomag’s machine gunner gave suppressing fire.

Warlord Games’ Hanomag is ready for action – “Raus!”

This boxed set contains a classic late war half track in standard format. The model also comes with two MG42s, a gun shield, a rear AA mount and a gunner model.