Re-released: Bolt Action Willys Jeep and Tetrarch!

Back in circulation and ready for duty this week are the legendary Willys Jeep with 30 Cal and the versatile British Tetrarch light tank.

Willys Jeep With 30 CAL.




The famous Willys (pronounced ‘Willis’ not ‘Willies’) Jeep that was the workhorse of all the allied armies.  Found in pretty much every theatre of war in many and varied roles it has been suggested that it was a weapon that won the war. Now Warlord can’t say it will win all your battles but we have produced the most fabulous little model that is packed with detail and character, as you’ve come to expect from us.

This Jeep can be used for American, British, Canadian and Russian armies . A pintle mounted 30 cal adds some punch to this highly maneuverable four wheel drive SUV. Most of you will have seen the classic film The Eagle has Landed. If you haven’t , shame on you.. If this doesn’t inspire you to drive headlong into a Fallschirmjager ambush we don’t know what will…

Russian forces used it extensively, sometimes with their Scout units for probing German lines.

The Brits and Canadians found them indispensible, but never had enough.

A must for all sorts of missions, recce (recon to our American friends), liaison, security, Military Police, airfield duty, medics, padres, supply, spotting – you name it, the jeep was used for it!

Can also be crewed by SS Officer Skorzeny’s dastardly commandoes who did cloak and dagger raids in disguise in the Ardennes Forest during the Battle of the Bulge…

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Jeep crews are already available for this superb little kit:

A British/Commonwealth driver in relaxed pose with cigarette (we won’t call it a ‘fag’ in case our American cousins spit their coffee over their keyboard…) in his mouth.

A glamorous Soviet female driver (either trying in vain to parallel park or rabbiting to the passengers)…

A full-on blood-&-guts Yank driver and machine gunner who look like they mean business.


Tetrarch Light Tank




Used in Operation Ironclad (the amphibious invasion of Madagascar) in 1942, the Tetrarch would later go on to play a vital role in the Airborne operations during the invasion of Normandy, adding much-needed fire support and mobility to the British airborne forces.

They were packed into Hamilcar gliders for the flight across the channel and deployed upon landing using a system of pulleys that opened the front of the glider as it moved forward.

The Tetrarch was also sent to the USSR as part of the lend-lease programme.

Our Tetrarch comes with three separate barrels allowing you to make the following variants:

– Tetrarch ICS tank with 3″ howitzer
– Tetrach with 2 pounder gun
– Tetrarch with 2 pounder gun fitted with Littlejohn adaptor (giving the humble 2 pounder a greater punch!).

Grab a few Tetrarchs in the webstore and get to the front lines!