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Re-release: Bolt Action Early Production Tiger!

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The first of the Bolt Action vehicle re-releases this week is our lovely early production Tiger. Have a look at this big cat here.


We recently bought you a zimmerited late production Tiger but for those of you wanting something for the early conflicts such as North Africa, the Russian front, Italy and the like then here’s the beast for you. With trademark Feifel air filters this beast will help your soldats dominate the battlefield.






Wittman Tiger

Have Wittman himself lead these beauties if you so please, just click here!

paint deal

Get your Tiger’s painted right with this swell panzer paint deal. The German Vehicle Paint Offer contains 6x Vallejo Paints from the Panzer Aces range and and the Model Colour range:

Canvas – Overall basecoat
German Camo Beige – Drybrush for basecoat
Gunmetal Grey – drybrush for tracks and exhausts
Black – Road Wheels and crew clothing
Dark Rust – for Red/Brown Camo and also the basecoat for tracks and exhausts
Luftwaffe Camo Green – Green Camo

Panzer Crew

And, new this week, German Panzer Crews.