Re-release: Bolt Action Deuce-and-a-half truck

An old favourite returns to the webstore this week – the workhorse of the US army, the GMC CCKW truck (more commonly known as the ‘deuce-and-a-half’). Available in two variants this truck gets Uncle Sam’s brave boys to where the fighting is in double quick time!

Deuce BW

The workhorse of the US army as well as doing sterling service with many other countries during World War II and for many years afterwards this 2 1/2 ton truck is a symbol of the US war machine.


Originally manufactured by GMC starting in 1939 and also known as the “Jimmy”, the 6×6 truck was integral for purposes as varied as personnel carriers, dump trucks, bomb transporters and even mobile canteens.

Deuce 50

After 1941, the militarized version of the 6×6 was put into production under the designation CCKW (C=1941, C=conventional cab, K=front wheel drive, W=tandem rear drive). We’re also offering a Deuce and a Half with a .50 Cal machine gun mounted in a cupola ring for giving any attacking infantry and light vehicles second thoughts about raiding your transport caravan. These trucks were the mainstays for the famous “Red Ball Express”, “White Ball Express” and British “Red Lion Express”.

Pick up a standard Deuce or perhaps one in 50 Cal form from the webstore today!