Rank and File in a Snap

Tired of finding your laser-cut wooden bases are a few millimetres out, ruining your attempts to rank your units up? Not fond of the height of Slottabases? Fear not for salvation is at hand in the form of our new plastic base sprues!

The frame not only includes single 20mm square bases but ‘regimental’ bases that allow you to base several models in one go and making moving your army on the battlefield so much easier. Bases like the 40mm square also lend themselves to mini-dioramas in your units adding a unique touch and loads of character.

40mmx40mm regiment base:

40mmx20mm regiment base:

60mmx20mm regiment base:

Each frame has enough to base 44 miniatures and is great for basing metal and plastic miniatures.The sprue contains:

  • 16  20mm x 20mm bases
  • 2  40mm x 20mm bases
  • 2  60mm x 20mm bases
  • 2  100mm x 20mm bases
  • 2  40mm x 40mm bases

20mmx20mm base:

100mmx20mm regiment base:

Bases are 1.5mm deep. Gone forever are the days of square bases not being square! Click here to get your bases from the Warlord Games web store.