Preview: Robert Devereux, The Earl of Essex

You all loved the Prince Rupert of the Rhine preview we gave you recently. Therefore, we thought it only proper that we give you one for the opposition! We’re very happy to present Robert Devereux, The 3rd Earl of Essex.

Devereux was a steadfast Parlimentarian. From the Battle of Edgehill (where he was matched against our friend Prince Rupert on the field) to the Lostwithiel Campaign, The third Earl of Essex carried out an admirable military career as the Captain-General of the Roundheads. He was eventually laid low into retirement by the ascendancy of Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector.

As you can see we haven’t spared the detail on this command model. If you’re a painter you should have a fine time getting all of Robert’s kit into battle ready condition.

Around here in the Warlord offices we all call him Bobby Davro (a British comedian for everyone outside the UK) as a play on his real name…

Keep watching the Warlord website as this fine model will be released soon!