Preview: Pike & Shotte!

Between plastic Napoleonics and a welter of WWII releases recently our Pike & Shotte range has been in need of some love. Happily Warlord sculptor Wojtek has been beavering away feverishly on new additions to the range. Take a look at what is on the way…


First up are the a few additions to our Clubmen range – this lot wielding muskets. As with most of our Pike & Shotte range they come with separate headgear allowing you loads of variety and modelling options.

Pike and Shotte Previews

Again adding to the Clubmen range are these hugely characterful pikemen! Don’t worry – they will be supplied with pikes before hostilities begin!

Pike and Shotte Previews

Above are more preview sculpts for the New Model Army boxed set we are releasing in the near future. This all metal boxed set will contain dour, puritanical Parliamentarians with pike, shotte and not an ounce of humour…

Pike and Shotte Previews

As with the Clubmen they’ll be supplied with separate headgear allowing you to mix them into other forces if you so desire.

New Model army

No specific release date for these just yet but you’ll hear all about it on the Warlord weekly email newsletter first!