Updated! Pike & Shotte Highlanders

Those of you on our Facebook group will have seen one or two of our forthcoming Pike & Shotte Highlander models. As we’ve now recieved 32 new sculpts we couldn’t help but show you one or two more!

Highlander Running

Highlander Piper

Highlander Attack

We’ve previously showed off the lovely artwork for our Irish Brigade box. Now following a similar theme here are a few preview pics of the accompanying Pike & Shotte Highlanders range!

Highlanders 1

See the hairy heeds! See the gleaming basket-hilted claidheamh mòrs! See the studded targe! And the kilts! The kilts! (See more than you may want to!) These furious Caledonian warriors will strike fear into the heart of your enemies on the tabletop. Exquisitely detailed, and literally leaping off their bases with exciting action, these models are a must for any Irish Brigade force.

Highlanders 2

Not limited to hand-to-hand weapons, we will have a large range of both musket and bow armed models for you to add to your collection. When Mac Colla comes along, your opponent will want to throw down his haggis and turn tail as these troops take to the field.

Highlander Laird

Of course we will also have some excellent command miniatures like this fine, hose and silk attired Highlander Laird to round out your formations. Hoots mon! All of these models are coming along swimmingly and should be available very soon in the Warlord webstore.