Preview: New Bolt Action Range Unveiled!

All that European war stuff may all be well and good (and it is!) but it’ time to branch out and as we’ve had stacks of requests for this theatre – it’s time to unveil our latest Bolt Action range – War in the Far East! We’re kicking this great new range off next month with our US Marine Corps.

Below are but a few examples from the new range.

Bolt Action USMC

As you can see the miniatures have plenty of dynamism as you’d expect from Warlord sculpts. This range is, as all new Bolt Action ranges are, using the Warlord Figure Head System of separate heads. As you know, this allows you loads of variety in your army.

Bolt Action USMCBolt Action USMC

Bolt Action USMCBolt Action USMC

This is just the start of things to come as we’ll be adding a lot more to the War in the East range – the British Chindits are all sculpted and off to the painters and the Japanese are  looking superb. There’s lots more to come as well in the future – we intend for this to be a comprehensive range coverning the Pacific, Burma, etc.

Bolt Action USMCBolt Action USMC

The US Marine Corps range will be launched in early November so you won’t have long to wait!