Preview: Camouflaged Japanese Squad

Disguised with all manner of foliage this squad is taking the fight to the enemy! Here’s a look at the shape of things to come soon for the Bolt Action Imperial Japanese range…

Camo Japanese

For a variety of reasons our Imperial Japanese Army range has taken a lot longer to get going than at first planned. Happily we’re now on a roll and with the Type 97 Chi-Ha tank already supporting the IJA boxed set (and a Shinhoto Chi-Ha currently being worked on), we’re delighted to be able to show you this small preview of the next release for the range – camouflaged Japanese soldiers.

Camo Japanese

When you think about the Japanese in WWII there are a few stand-out images – the fearless banzai charge (certainly more effective than a bonsai charge…), heavy camouflaged snipers, and, as here, troops with plenty of foliage taking the fight to the enemy!

There is no release date for these just yet but they won’t be far from being available. In the meantime we’re getting stuck more sculpts for the range – more about that in a future newsletter though!

Japanese Chi Ha Type 97 Tank

You might need a Chi-Ha or two, so grab one by clicking here!

Japanese Box Set

And don’t forget your armour will need infantry support! Grab one of our handy Imperial Japanese Army boxed sets to bolster your ranks.