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Last Friday we opened pre-orders for our new plastic Stug III kit. This week even more reinforcements are on their way for all you German players – in the form of the Stug III Zug Box Set!


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As with our previous Tank Platoon Box Sets, the Stug Zug contains three plastic 1/56 scale tank kits (each of which can be assembled to represent either the StuG III Ausf G assault gun or as the 10.5cm Sturmhaubitze infantry support gun) – but we’ve also included six of our as-yet-unreleased plastic German Grenadiers – to represent German Begleit Riders!

You may have seen the first few sneaky-peeks at the Grenadiers last December – and you may have seen a few more photos of some of the test sprues over on our Instagram and Facebook pages…


This set also includes the essential Construction Sheet, with an easy-to-follow 3D step-by-step assembly guide, and three transfer sheets that will have your vehicles battle-ready in no time!

You can find rules Begleit Riders in our Ostfront Theatre Book…


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