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New: M10 Tank Destroyer/Wolverine

Rolling off landing craft onto the shores of Italy and France comes the plastic M10 Tank destroyer!


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With the final plans authorized and production started in summer 1942 the first M10s were to start rolling off the production lines. Boasting a lower silhouette than a Sherman and packing a more powerful 76.2mm gun, it was an answer to the German advances in tank technology.


The M10’s M7 3-inch (76.2mm) anti-tank gun was a considerable improvement over the 75mm carried by the Sherman. The M10’s relatively thin 37mm of armour (and open-topped five-sided welded turret) on the other hand made it vulnerable to anti-tank weapons, so its main role became defensive, often firing from concealed positions.

M10 Italy


US and British

The M10 was also widely used by the British, who called it the Wolverine. As such the kit includes parts to make both American and British crewmen as well as decals for both nations.

This plastic set comes complete with choice of US or British crew plus extensive decal sheets to gear up your tank hunters for action!



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M10 Europe

Cost: 144pts (Inexperienced), 180pts (Regular), 216pts (Veteran)
Weapons: 1 turret-mounted heavy anti-tank gun
Damage value: 8+ (light tank)
Options: May add a pintle-mounted HMG for +25pts
Special Rules: Open-topped

Keep back from the enemy infantry and find a good vantage point to snipe from – those enemy tanks will have to think twice about their advance which will give your troops the time they need to capture the objectives unmolested!


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M10 Platoon

Of course if you can’t wait, or need a platoon to counter the enemy thrust, then the set of 3 M10s is available here:


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US Tank Destroyers

…And the M10 isn’t the only choice available for American anti-tank firepower:


US Tank Destroyers