Pike & Shotte – For King & Country Range

Have you ever thought about replaying the grand battles from the English Civil War? We’ve a fantastic range to help you start using the Pike & Shotte rules system; Covering the Italian Wars, Tudor Wars, Thirty Years War, English Civil Wars, and The War of the Grand Alliance



Firstly the Pike & Shotte rules. This 208 page hardback book is chock full of exquisitely painted miniatures, army lists and battle report.

As you can see from the fabulous cover, the book covers more than just English Civil War and Thirty Years War.  A labour of love, written by Steve Morgan, the book also covers the Italian Wars, Tudor Wars in the British Isles and War of the Grand Alliance.

The format of the inner pages will be a familiar one to those who already own our Hail Caesar and Black Powder rulebooks – loads of eye candy to back up the rules! With 208 pages in the book you’ll be ket busy for some time digesting the rules or drooling over the photographs or beautifully painted miniatures.

With every copy of Pike & Shotte rulebook bought directly from us you’ll receive this beautiful exclusive sculpt of the figure on the front of the book – Hugo Raleigh, ensign of the King’s Guard!

Sculpted by Warlords own Wojtek, Hugo Raleigh is supplied with a steel banner pole and full-colour paper King’s Guard colours. This will allow you the freedom to add him into your army as any ensign, or easily converted into an officer or standard bearer.

You can only get your hands on this free miniature when you place an order for the Pike & Shotte rulebook directly from us at Warlord Games (via our webstore, over the phone, by letter, at shows or by dropping into Warlord HQ).

Here’s the proud author, Steve Morgan, fondling his brand new copy of Pike & Shotte moments after it arrived at Warlord HQ…

Complementing our range of starter sets such as the Hail Caesar starter set ‘Conquest of Gaul’, and Bolt Action ‘D-Day Firefight‘, For King & Country is a lovely boxed set ideal for getting you started with Pike & Shotte. Whether you want to refight the battles of the English Civil Wars or the devastating Thirty Years War this set is just the job.

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This starter set gives you the splendid Pike & Shotte rulebook and two starter forces – field them as Royalist or Parliamentarian in the English Civil Wars or as one of the many protagonists involved in the immense Thirty Years War.

This boxed game is only the beginning, as you battle all-comers and reinforce your army further in the pursuit of glory…

Pike & Shotte – For King & Country contains:

Full-colour 208 page hardback Pike & Shotte rulebook

82 multi-pose, hard plastic 28mm miniatures:

    • 58 pike and musket including command
    • 12 Cavalry
    • 12 infantry with Firelocks

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Once you’ve got cracking on the core of your forces then take time to peruse the rest of our selection – time to choose a side?

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