Pegasus Bridge – Pay By Installment

Get this fantastic battle set now and pay in two monthly installments!


Lots of you have told us how you’d love to get your hands on one (or all) of our huge battle sets – Pegasus Bridge, Rorke’s Drift, and now La Haye Sainte – but struggle to part with that big chunk of cash, what with mortgage payments, spouses to keep onside, children to feed and other sob stories!.

To help overcome these pesky obstacles to your wargaming fun, we are offering Pay-by-Installment system for our big sets.


Collector’s Edition

The Ham & Jam! Collector’s Edition adds even more to the main Pegasus Bridge battle-set ;

  • 6 resin sandbag emplacements (which can be put together into 3 machine gun emplacements),
  • 3 more German MG42 machine gun teams,
  • 6 dead livestock models,
  • a resin sandbag emplacement for the top of the control tower,
  • 8 more telegraph poles
  • 12 resin Dragon’s teeth tank traps.
  • 20 more plastic Germans,
  • a Marder III Ausf. M tank destroyer,
  • 20 plastic Royal Marine Commandoes led by Lord Lovat and Piper Millin.

This gives you the definitive gaming set with which to re-enact that fateful night on 5th June 1944…

We’ve even added a copy of Osprey Publishing’s Raid: Pegasus Bridge book to give you even more reference material, giving a full historical account and detailed uniform guides. Phew!

…and of course, we’ve also made this available to purchase by installment as well – so take a look below to see how to take advantage of this great deal!

How it Works:

1. Instead of buying the set through the webstore as normal, you just click the relevant button below.

2. This will take you into Paypal’s secure systems where you’ll be asked to set up a Paypal account if you don’t already have one – please make sure your shipping address is entered correctly.

3. The first payment will be taken immediately, your order will be registered on our systems and we’ll make and dispatch your battle set (however, if demand is exceptionally high, we’ll prioritise fully paid webstore orders).

NB. All orders bought with this method will be sent via trackable courier – the charge for this is included in the price.

4. The second payment will be taken a month later.

At each stage, you’ll receive emails from Paypal (addressed to you by name for security), letting you know what’s happening. And as always, if you have any problems don’t hesitate to contact us here at Warlord.

Pay in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP)

Buy Pegasus Bridge battle set in two £95 monthly payments (total £190):


Buy Ham & Jam – Pegasus Bridge collector’s edition in two £150 monthly payments (total £300):


Pay in US Dollars (USD)

Buy Pegasus Bridge battle set in two $150 monthly payments (total $300):


Buy Ham & Jam – Pegasus Bridge collector’s edition in two $240 monthly payments (total $480):