Painting Sarissa MDF Kits: Simple!

Gary from Sarissa Precision has designed and painted many very recognizable structures – none more so than perhaps the fine Japanese range – perfect for Test of Honour!

Japanese building How To Sarissa 1

Gary: Building and painting MDF Laser cut kits can be as simple or as involved as you want. Whether a beginner or an experienced modeller the process is much the same.

Always start by looking through the instructions. See what can be assembled before painting and decide on the level of detail you want to finish with. Decide whether you want the interior painted too.

Here the kit is only painted on the exterior, using simple techniques and easy to find paints and brushes.

Japanese building How To Sarissa 3

It may be easier to paint some parts before assembly, here the walls are base painted using a wide brush with basic water based Artists Acrylics. This gives a basic base colour to work on with more colours. The floor and entrance steps have been assembled before painting.

Planking has been picked out. Mixing the base colour brown with white, working from dark to light to get a faded wood style finish. The window shrouds have been fitted to the walls before dry brushing a dark grey into the recesses and corners, to give an exaggerated shadow effect.

Japanese building How To Sarissa 5

A ‘tonal’ effect is built up using 3 tones of light khaki browns. Once assembled (we often just use super glue but white glue is fine if supported) the joint edges are retouched, if needed. The edges have been dry brushed with white to add an additional highlight.

Japanese building How To Sarissa 4

The plaster panels are then painted, by hand using a fine/round point brush. Simple!

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