Now Available: Victrix Metals

Yet more from those lovely chaps at Victrix! Not content with making lovely Napoleonic sets in plastic for both 28mm and 54mm they’ve now added 28mm metal miniatures to their range. Check ’em out below, you ‘orrible little man!

First off we have two British Peninsular War Colonels. This set also comes with a Foot Pioneer (not shown). You can practically feel the waves of practical and proper leadership emanating from these two chaps.

Next up we have a pair of British Waterloo Colonels. These fellows also come with a Foot Pioneer who is keeping himself scarce. These are perfect for inclusion in one of the most important battles of the Napoleonic period.

Next up we’ve got a trifecta of British Napoleonic Generals, namely the Duke of Wellington, General Hill, and General Picton! What British commander wouldn’t want these fine fellows in his army?

Finally a Pioneer makes his appearance and wouldn’t you know he’s a bloody jock! As if that wasn’t enough he’s accompanied by two of Scotland’s finest command staff, Mounted Highland Colonels.

Next the French make their presence known (we’re sure they’ll be running soon). You can add the Mounted French Colonels and French Foot Pioneer to any force who fights under Napoleon’s standard.

Finally, just because these models are rather large doesn’t mean you can’t personalise them to your taste. Here you can see a set of British Light Battalion Heads and Arms which are useful for adding some variety to your army. All of these models and more are now available in the Victrix section of the Warlord webstore.