Russell’s Raiders at NOVA Open 2017 Report!

Our USA Demo Team – Russell’s Raiders – were at Nova Open to show off some of our games! Check out what they’ve been up to in this after action report by the commander, Jon Russell!

By Jon Russell

Greetings All,

WOW! What an incredible event! The staff and I have finally recovered from the four-day gathering (31 August to 3 September) we attended called NOVA OPEN in Crystal City D.C. This was our first time visiting this fantastic convention and I am happy to say WE WILL BE BACK! The entire staff from the beautiful and very talented CEO Laurie Brandt, the ever resourceful and quick to respond Dewey Haines and his son Kyron. Also, of course, the masterful kingpin of the event Michael Brandt along with of the rest of the helpers and volunteers. They did an amazing job running a very successful gaming experience.

The United States Warlord Demo Team (USWDT) arrived at different times on Wednesday the 30th of August to get set up and prepare ourselves to meet and greet over 2400 people who attended this convention and made sure the place was hopping from as early as 8am to well past 10am every day/night! The Hyatt was a great place to host this large spectacle of gaming with almost every square foot crammed to the top with vendor spaces, playing/tournament areas and painting demonstrations sections. When you add to this the variety of food trucks it all really combined to make this a one of a kind convention.

I am especially proud of the USWDT. We hosted the charity event from 7 to 10 pm Friday night in the 18th-floor Lounge. When the night was done the Nova Committee wrote a check for $5K for the Houston Food Bank to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey! WAY TO GO USWDT!!!

We met a lot of new friends, vendors, customers and even got the chance to renew a few old friendships over the weekend but sadly all good things must end. We packed up and left the event late Sunday afternoon. Thanks again to the entire USWDT crew: Sylvia, Steve and Christian Smith, Bryan Grant, Tony Radford, Paul Long, Jay Casper, Dennis Johnston, Seth Hall and our partner from Footsore Miniatures Bill Thornhill. You truly gave it your all and made this inaugural event for USWDT a one of a kind extravaganza!

You can see the USWDT at the following scheduled events:

SPACON – 22th to 24th September at Hot Springs, AR
CLAWCON – 6th to 8th October at Saint Robert, MO
MILLENNIUMCON -10th to 12th November at Round Rock, TX

Keep checking this space as we are adding new dates and locations all the time!

Don’t see your event listed above and want us to attend? Send your contact information to to get in touch with us and we will work as hard as we can to get a member of our staff to your event…meanwhile get all of your friends and game opponents to sign up for the Warlord bi-weekly Newsletter so you can keep track of the upcoming miniature and supplement releases, painting and terrain videos, gaming news and there is even an area to help you find a gaming opponent!

Well, this wraps up this After Action Report but watch for the next dispatch entry from your friendly neighbourhood USWDT!

Good bye for now and may your dice always roll HOT!

Jon Russell
Warlord USA Event Commander

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