New: Zulu deals!

With our great new plastic Zulu sets being released into the wild we have a couple of cracking deals to help you build your impis. Take a look at these offers and save yourselves a wodge of cash!

Isifuba – The Chest of the Beast

Chest of the Beast Deal

This army deal is a great way to get your Zulu army off the ground or add considerable numbers to your existing force. It consists of 5 regiments which will give you 160 plastic Zulu warriors and 5 metal InDuna leaders; certainly enough to trouble any enemy.

You are free to choose married or unmarried regiments, or a combination of both!

5 box sets of Zulus for £90 – saving you £10!

1000 Zulus

Zulus to the south west, sir –

thousands of them!

Well, a thousand of them anyway.  Ever wondered what 1,000 plastic Zulu figures on a wargames table would look like – this is your chance to find out. Married, Unmarried or a mix – the choice is yours.

£500 (saving you over £60!)