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New: Warlord Games Lipped Bases!

Some of the more keen-eyed among you may have spotted a new style of bases being used with – particularly our new Beyond the Gates of Antares miniatures  – and as of today, we’re pleased to announce that our new style of Lipped Bases are available to order…

We’re starting this week with the 40mm round bases, and 25mm x 50mm Cavalry-style bases!

The idea behind these bases is simple – attaching figures to a completely flat base leaves an unsatisfying hump where the figures integral base shows. You can build it up with putty, etc but we felt that was too much hassle and instead designed our bases so the integral bases sat into a depression with a lipped edge. Now all you need do is to fill the area with PVA glue or filler of your choice and add your chosen basing materials.

40mm Round Bases


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There are 40mm rounds sold as a sprue of eight – ideal for two-man weapons teams!



25mm x 50mm Round Lip Bases (Cavalry)


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We’re also offering 50mm x 25mm Lozenge bases as a srue of eight. These are perfect for basing bikes, cavalry, prone figures, etc.