New: USMC Support!

Hot on the heels of the release of our new Bolt Action US Marine Corps boxed set are these two great additions the USMC Squad and the Specialists, comprising of Sniper and bazooka teams…

USMC Support

This 4 man blister pack gives you an archetypal 2-man bazooka team, useful for blasting Japanese tanks or more commonly busting bunkers open. It also contains a sniper team, a marksman with telescopic Springfield and his spotter, who seeks out targets and protects the team from being outflanked…

These packs feature our Figurehead System of seperate heads – allowing you to mix and match to make the models you want.

USMC SupportUSMC Support

As always you can also pick up a USMC Bazooka Team by itself or in addition to the support pack above.

USMC Support

Whilst we don’t show it here the Sniper’s spotter buddy also come s with another head/arm pairing where he’s drinking from his water bottle rather than poring over his map – even more variety for you!

The same goes for the deadly USMC Sniper Team as for the Bazooka team – you can nab it in from our USMC Reinforcements page!

USMC Boxed Set

Don’t forget about the lovely US Marine Corps boxed set! It contains the following 21 models:

• Command: Officer, Radio Operator, Stretcher Bearer, US Navy Corpsman and US Marine casualty
• USMC squad: Squad Leader with M1 Carbine, 2 NCOs with Thompson SMGs, 1 Marine with combat shotgun, 1 Marine with BAR and 5 riflemen.
• Marine with flamethrower
• 60mm mortar team
• 2-man .30 Cal LMG team

There is a sizeable range of models and as a result each box will have a random selection of some of the models (riflemen, Thompson-armed, etc). But wait, there’s more!

USMC Squad

So you’ve already got a US Marine Corps boxed set but still need a few more rough and tumble Marines? No probs at all mate – here’s a great blister pack jammed full of 10 “Leathernecks” armed to the teeth and ready for action. This great addition to the Marines Boxed set released this month is just the thing!

Semper Fi!