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New: Thirty Years War Characters And Special Offers!

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Our recently released Thirty Years War boxed sets have gone down very well with you all. To keep your Imperial or Swedish armies building nicely we have two new miniatures depicting two of the famous commanders from the war – King of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus and his counterpart in the Imperial army, Wallenstein. These superbly dynamic models have bags of character – perfect for leading your army! As if that wasn’t enough we also have two great special offers for those of you wanting to add a TYW brigade or army to your collection…



A gifted politician and soldier from Bohemia, Wallenstein grew in stature to command armies for the Imperialist, or Habsburg cause, fielding vast forces in many battles in The Thirty Years War. Despite his many successes he fell out of Imperial favour and was accused of treachery and sadly brutally murdered in his bed by an Englishman, Walter Devreaux; a poor end to an interesting life.

We have him astride his horse in full cuirassier armour, the classic dress of a general of the period. He could equally be used as an unnamed commander in either the Thirty Years War or, equally, in the English Civil Wars.




The charismatic King of Sweden who changed seventeenth century warfare forever with his reforms. We depict him here in buffcoat and with drawn sword leaping his horse over an obstacle, once again leading from the front like all proper politicians should do!

As mentioned above, we’ve put together a pair of great offers for you, both of which include the excellent models shown above!

Thirty Years War Brigade

Imperial Regiment

Get your Thirty Years War collection off to a great start or give a big boost to an existing collection with our Thirty Years War Brigade.

This gives you either three of our Swedish Regiment or three of our Imperial Regiments for £67.50, giving you more than 130 men and we’ll chuck in a character model to boot!

Thirty Years War Army

Swedish Regiment

Warlord have put together a terrific deal that enables you to raise your Tercios and Brigades with ease!
Choose between Imperialists or Swedish. with either Gustavus, the Swedish King, or Wallenstein to lead your men into battle.

The three foot regiments are a blaze of colour with their highly coloured flags marking them out in the line. They are closely supported by a brigade of cuirrassiers which can serve for both sides and a seperate lighter cavalry unit to be used as harquebusiers.

A Saker cannon is there as some long range firepower.

Finally we have placed either some dragoons, used by both armies, or some mercenary Scots, most likely to be found in the Swedish service.

Whichever army you chose , they will look great on the table top and can be added to as you build your army…
In this offer you get:

1x Mounted General – Choose from Gustavus Adolphus or Wallenstein
3x Infantry Boxed Sets – Choose from Swedish and Imperialist
3x Cuirassiers Boxed Sets
1x Cavalry Boxed Sets – Choose from Parliament and Royalist
1x Saker Cannon
1x Allies – Choose from Montrose Irish or Dragoons
1x Shotte Down in Flames – Casualty Pack

Head to the Thirty Years War section of the webstore to get yours today!