New: The Justice Department – Mega City Judges

Drokk! The first releases of the Judge Dredd miniatures game are here! We are now the exclusive worldwide distributors of this exciting range (as licenced from 2000AD by Mongoose Publishing) and you’ll be seeing loads more releases for it very soon –  more boxed sets and mercenary figures  as well as a shiny new hardback rulebook!


The Judges are the lawkeepers of Mega-City One, fighting to protect innocent citizens from criminals and scum. Few in number, the Judges welcome only the best and the brightest into their ranks, and not all of those survive the 15-year training regime.

This set includes;

  • 2x Cadet Judges
  • 2x Riot Judges
  • Psi-Judge
  • Specialist Weapons Judge with choice of Lawrod or Widowmaker
  • Street Judge with two lawgivers
  • Street Judge

All of these Judges are available in our webstore as single miniatures too!