New: The Ape Gang boxed set

Today sees the first releases of the Judge Dredd miniatures game! We are now the exclusive worldwide distributors of this exciting range (as licenced from 2000AD by Mongoose Publishing and you’ll be seeing loads more releases for it very soon.

The first releases focus on two factions – the Mega City Judges and The Ape Gang. We have more boxed sets and mercenary figures coming out very soon as well as a shiny new hardback rulebook on the way too!

Experiments in the past vastly increased the intelligence of apes, with the intention of using them as advanced slave labour. However, while such science has been outlawed for many years, its legacy remains in the form of sentient apes. Often corralled into the less desirable parts of the city, it is not unusual for apes to form their own criminal gangs.

This set includes:

  • Orang-utan Boss
  • Orang-utan Sniper
  • Chimp with club
  • Chimp with stump gun
  • Chimp with spit pistol
  • Gorilla with Club
  • Gorilla with Spit Gun
  • Gorilla in a Dress

All the members of the Ape Gang box set are available in our webstore as single miniatures too!