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New: Terminator Genisys Characters

With the imminent release of ‘Terminator Genisys’ on DVD worldwide, the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game has been flying out of the Warlord warehouse – and rumours abound – vehicles, new characters, heavy weapons. Who knows what will appear during the rise of the machines. This week, River Horse are delivering their latest releases to the Warlord Warehouse – Designer Alessio Cavatore takes us through the latest pieces for the action-packed, fast-paced Terminator Genisys game:


Alessio: We originally released the Guardian, Sarah Connor, and John Connor models in resin, selling out of them in less than 24 hours! We promised that “They’ll be back!” and here they are…

To ensure that they’re available to order once more we are releasing them in metal, in completely new packs (and there are more shiny new models hot on their heels as well!).

Guardian Terminator on Motorcycle (Metal)


This T-800 cyborg infiltrator has been sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor since she was a child, and to train her so that she would be ready for the struggles ahead. Guardian, or ‘Pops’ as Sarah affectionately calls him, has spent a long time amongst humans, learning to blend in and becoming a perfect bodyguard for Sarah. His organic tissues might have aged, but his armoured endoskeleton is as powerful as ever – as he puts it, he is “old, but not obsolete”. Now mounted on an American classic motorcycle, the Guardian is able to quickly get into position and neutralize threats.

This is a metal miniature is aprox 32mm high.

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Guardian and Sarah Connor double pack (Metal)


Guardian – or ‘Pops’ as Sarah affectionately calls him, is unerring in his roll as bodyguard for Sarah. As a machine this T-800 is far from obsolete, protecting sarah, whilst match-making her with Kyle Reese in his own stylish way.

Sarah Connor – Trained from childhood in all manner of lethal skills, Sarah is no longer the weak scared girl from history but now an expert in survival, close combat, weapons and explosives. She is aware of her destiny as the mother of the future saviour of mankind… and that is an almost unbearable responsibility. Luckily for her the unstoppable Guardian is at her side to guide her and protect her from the Skynet’s Terminators.

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John Connor and Resistance LT double pack (Metal)


The Resistance has many rugged individuals – those that survive look to John Connor to lead them, and whilst he’s elsewhere others step up to the mark as his trusted lieutenants. Able to react to threats from Skynet, adapting to the fast paced situational changes of the battlefield and able to give concise direct orders, the LT is trusted by the fighters under his command to get the job done and bring them home safe.

John Connor – Raised by Sarah to become the leader of the human Resistance int he future War Against the Machines. He is a strategic genius, the best commander the Resistance can ever hope to field, his tactical skills so cunning and advanced that it almost feels like he can see the future…

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T-1000 and Infiltrator double pack (metal)


T-1000 infiltrators are made of mimetic polyalloy – liquid metal. This allows them to change their shape at will, from imitating any human they have come into contact with, as well as any item of equivalent mass. As well as being extremely strong, they can form stabbing and cutting parts out of their limbs, becoming a lethal close quarter fighter. Their most remarkable trait however is their uncanny resilience – destroying a T-1000 is almost impossible. The Resistance is going to need some bigger guns.

BRAND NEWInfiltrator– An early infiltrator model that formed crude, plastic skin on top of its machine frame in an attempt to fool the human resistance. While effective at range, the waxy, expressionless flesh soon gave the machines true purpose away when seen at close range, but, by then it was too late.

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Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game – The War Against the Machines Box Set

John, the Guardian, Sarah, T-1000, and now the new Infiltrator add to the existing forces of the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game – so head over to the Warlord webstore and enlist for The War Against the Machines now…


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The War Against the Machines contains;

31 stunning plastic miniatures designed to be ready for action in minutes. No glue is required, thanks to their push-fit design, and they come in two clear different plastic colour (metallic grey for the Terminators and army green for the Resistance) to make sure you recognise your forces easily amidst the fog of war.

As a bonus, The War Against the Machines includes a superbly sculpted metal Kyle Reese character to join the Resistance fighters (the only way to get this excellent leader), providing them with special command abilities and heroic traits, Kyle Reese is a perfect to lead the brave Resistance soldiers against the endoskeletons.

Terminator Errata Fan

Terminator Genisys: The War Against the Machines includes a 128 pages rulebook that allows you to explore every game possibility; starting from the contents of the box but allowing you to expand with the upcoming range of heroes, commanders, troop types and vehicles expected during the year ahead. We will keep you well informed about all these new exciting releases.

While you can play on your regular gaming table with the deluxe playmat, we have included a 2’x3′ double-sided gaming mat, cardboard measuring templates and a set of cardboard terrain to make it a game truly ready out of the box, so you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

Finally, the unique dice game system invites you to play without the need of modifiers or tables and the chaotic “Fate activation system” ensure you’re always involved in the action.


  • Full-colour rulebook: 128 pages
  • Exclusive metal Kyle Reese model (brings special abilities, command options and heroic feats)
  • 10 Terminator Endoskeletons (Two different posses, advancing and… relentlessly advancing!)
  • 5 Terminator Crawlers (You thought the ENDO was done?!)
  • 16 Resistance Soldiers (with a selection of weapons from missile launchers to plasma rifles!)
  • Quickstart rules: 16 pages
  • 2 punchboards: Includes all the scenery, tokens and gaming aids needed to play!
  • 1 full colour double-sided 2’x3′ gaming mat
  • 1 full-colour double-sided rules reference sheet
  • 13 colour-coded dice: 2 sets of D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20
  • 1 custom made metal colour Fate die

FREE deluxe playmat still included with the Terminator Genisys the war against the machine box set whilst stocks last!

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