New: Strategoi defending!

The title of Polemarch (roughly translated as ‘warlord’) became redundant around the time of the battle of Marathon. The duty of commanding an army was handed to the strategoi (literally ‘army leader’).

In Athens we know that 10 strategoi were appointed by vote every spring – whether this practice was followed by other states is debated. A military expedition may have had one or several strategoi present in the army. We know from the accounts of Herodotus that they fought in the main line of battle with their fellow hoplites.

Their equipment  would have been very similar to the regular hoplite, but of a higher quality and more extravagant to show off their status and wealth. This would also aid location in the heat of battle.
These three strategoi are posed in a defensive position with sopear couched behind shield ready to react to the enemy moves. Their arms are separate allowing you to pose them as you desire.