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New: Storming Party with Petard

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The new Storming Party is ready to assault your enemy, with it’s petard to blow up the castles gate you’re set to bring devastation to the battlefield!


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This unit is designed for the purpose of taking, or even destroying, fortifications. Armed with new Firelocks (Increased range to 12″ & +1 to hit bonus) and varied assault weapons this ‘First Fire’ (+1 dice on first shot) 34 point unit can be upgraded to Elite for 6 points, add grenades for 1 point and the heavy hitting Petard for a further 20!


A key weapon to removing obstacles such as defended walls was the Petard. Although not ranged artillery, these rather devastating bombs could be moved into position by rather brave – or foolish – souls and then detonated to breach fortifications. In game terms that’s 3″ of terrain removed! Not to mention knocking back the defenders moral by 3… well worth the risk – just don’t ‘blunder’.


  • 10 Metal Storming Party miniatures
  • 1 Petard

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Get the new To Kill a King!


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Get into the game!

Pike & Shotte Spring Game Banner MC

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English Civil War Roundhead/Cavalier Starter!

A perfect start to civil wars, grab this set and you can make either Roundhead or Cavaliers!
209913001 English Civil Wars Starter

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Don’t forget the Irish and the Scots!

WGP-ARMY17 ECW Montrose Starter Army

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WGP-ARMY20 ECW Scots Covenanter Starter Army

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