New: Soda Pop Relic Knights!

Stunning sculpts, superb background stories and a lot of fun – Relic Knights are Anime/Manga-inspired models of the highest quality. Go on, have a look – it’s okay…


This set includes a complete Relic Knight with pilot and cypher. One Shot and her cypher, Fritz, are 32mm ‘heroic’ scale high quality resin and metal cast miniatures. 30mm premium round base and 50mm premium round base included.


Codifier Togan and Cecilia are two multi-part pewter miniatures provided with a single 50mm premium base. Models are unpainted and require assembly.


Sculpted by Aragorn Marks. This set includes a complete model for the character Squall. Squall is a 32mm ‘heroic’ scale, high quality, metal cast miniature. 30mm premium round base is included.

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