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No town is set without its own townsfolk! Make them the objective of your game or make your town feel that bit more real, these townsfolk will always have a place in any collection!



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This set has a characterful bunch! Including:

  • A fisherman
  • A landlord
  • A poor crippled beggar
  • A floozy
  • A local thug
  • An upper class woman


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These aren’t your typical villagers! They’ll fight back! Perfect for a rebellion! Have enough en-masse then they certainly can become an overwhelming threat!

This set includes:

  • The Village idiot
  • Two kids play fighting!
  • A housewife
  • The stern farmer
  • The town drunk!
  • A proud blacksmith


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Covered Wagon


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Used to convey supplies between towns protecting the cargo from highwaymen! These wagons can carry food, weapons, or even treasure – covering it only keeps its cargo a secret!

Whole trains of these wagons were often protected by militia men or caravan guards determined to keep any thief away, but it wasn’t uncommon for any of these men to be bribed and turn sides creating a dastardly situation!


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Get the new To Kill a King!


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Get into the game!

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