New: Savage Core Atlanteans

From the lost city…new Atlanteans are now available here for Savage Core.

Atlantean Slave Master

The Atlantean Slave Master is the Archon, or commander, of the phalanx. They keep their charges in line and drill their soldiery to keep and change formations to best effect.


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The Archons are chosen from the ranks as embodying the epitome of Atlantean martial culture and they have an unshakable loyalty to the Immortal Red Queen of the Mountain.


Atlanteans with Spears

The Atlanteans are the most ancient and advanced culture of the Savage Core. That is not to suggest that they have not become steeped in tradition and ritual, however.


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The soldiery use long spears and form into an impenetrable phalanx by locking shields as the ultimate battlefield tactic. Together they fight as one until the enemy is broken.


Atlanteans With Swords

Once the enemy has taken flight, the Atlanteans pursue, discarding their spears in favour of well crafted swords with which to cut the enemy down. It is then that the true slaughter begins.


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Often, they are held back by their masters so that captives may be taken back to the city. All the better to serve the Majesty of the Red Empress.


Learn more about Savage Core from Lucid Eye miniatures in this video from HeresyProducktionz:

Savage Core

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