New: Rogue Trooper

In an exciting one-off treat for 2000AD fans, we are releasing this special Rogue Trooper set featuring Rogue himself, with a Souther and a Nort.

Another classic 2000AD story, Rogue Trooper features a titanic clash between the Southers and the Norts, on a once paradise world, Nu-Earth. Years of war and the unrestricted use of chemical and biological weapons has resulted in the landscape being turned into a blighted ruin – but still the armies fight amidst the ruins and posioned air, each deploying more troops and secret weapons in a bid to win the strategically important planet.

Rogue is a G.I. – a Genetic Infantryman, a genetically modified, blue-skinned, manufactured elite soldier. G.I.s are unique in their ability to survive unprotected in the deadly atmosphere, however after the treacherous ambush of the Quartz Massacre, Rogue is one of only a handful of G.I.s remaining alive.