New Release: US Airborne M1 57mm Anti Tank Gun

Bolt Action Miniatures continues to roll out the big guns for the American Airborne with the release of the US Airborne M1 57mm Anti Tank Gun. The guns were officially introduced under the TO&E from December 1944. According to the TO&E, a division was issued a total of 50 pieces: 8 in divisional artillery, 24 in AA battalion, and 18 in glider infantry regiment; parachute infantry regiments did not have anti-tank guns.

Based on the British 6 pounder anti-tank gun the M1 had no muzzle brake and used US combat tyres. The gun wasn’t just used by US forces – hundreds were used by Russian and Free French forces.

This excellent artillery piece (as well as the 75 Pack Howitzer and the 60 mm Mortar) is now available in the Warlord web store.