New Release: Pike & Shotte Headgear

We are truly proud of our new Pike & Shotte line of miniatures here at Warlord. So much so that we’ve decided to offer as much flexibility as possible for those commanders who simply have to have even more variety with these metal sprues of hats, bonnets, caps, helmets and more!

All of this headgear is just another way of adding character and variety to your armies. Our overall goal is to enable you to pretty much do any force you can think of with our plastics.

All of the fine pieces of headgear we’ve shown off are now available for you to snap up in the Warlord web store!

Last but not least we have a quick preview of some excellent flags we have coming soon for you to add to your forces. We’ll be starting off with flags for all the regiments shown in the in-box leaflets but are already working on many more. So, whether you want to build your army for the Preston Campaign or the battles in Cornwall, or for Edgehill or Naseby you’ll find the colours you need to inspire your troops!