New Release: German Panzernest

Gott in Himmel! Just when you think we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel for cool and interesting things for your Bolt Action Miniatures German army, we manage to pull something unexpected. Give our re-mastered and re-released German Panzernest machine gun emplacement a look (seen here against a Bolt Action British Airborne for scale):

Bolt Action German Panzernest Front

Bolt Action German Panzernest Rear

These fortified and pre-fabricated machine gun posts were used all over the European Theatre and along the Russian Front especially in and around Germany. Most often they were brought into place by horse and cart and they could be bad news for any Allied or Russian patrols which happened to run across them under camouflage.

Osprey German Panzernest diagram

The above illustration comes from German Defences in Italy in WWII from Osprey Publishing’s Fortress range. You might be forgiven for thinking this was specialist stuff and fairly dry but far from it – this is (in our opinion) one of the best Ospreys to date. This is a cracking book that’s well worth picking up if you have any interest in WW2 gaming in Europe or Russia – get yours now over on Osprey’s online store!

Warlord’s own Paul Sawyer has, in his words, “quickly lashed this together” – basing a Panzernest and adding clump foliage and leaf litter to the model really helps set the scene for this great little model.

Bolt Action German Panzernest Based

Whether you choose to field them on a base, permanently fixed to your wargames board, or simply on their own for quick placement, these excellent little resin forward positions will look great on the tabletop. You can get yours right now in the Warlord Games webstore.