New Release: Army Painter Primer, Files and Basing packs

The Army Painter hobby supply line continues to expand with essential products for assembling, painting, and converting your Warlord and Bolt Action miniatures. First up we’ve got the brand-new Army Painter Greenskin Spray:

Despite the name of the spray leading you to think this is only useful if you’re looking to paint Orcs or Goblins this Colour Primer is great for terrain painting and is brilliant for Imperial Roman Auxilia, or preparing a Pike & Shotte regiment of foot.

As with all the Army Painter colour primers there is no need to undercoat first – just one hard coat gives you a very hard-wearing covering ready for you to detail to you hart’s content!

Next up we’ve got the Army Painter Curved Files:

Cleaning mould lines off models as intricate as those you get from Warlord, Bolt Action, Perry Miniatures, or Victrix needs tools just for the job! With with these new curved beauties, there won’t be an irritating mould line left to distract your admirers from your stunning paintjobs.

Finally, our most exciting new offering from Army Painter really sticks it to you, or rather to your miniatures. It’s the Magnetic Wargamer Basing Kit:

Pro painters and tournament army builders know that rare earth magnets are the best way to keep your models on their regiment trays and in their display stands. These powerful little magnets are strong enough to keep plastic (and most metal) miniatures secure from errant gusts of wind (often encountered in the crowded aisles of tourney halls – gnarf, gnarf), vigorous shaking, and everyday handling. Each box contains enough magnets for full unit of 25 models on a regiment tray or 12 cavalry.

All of these excellent new hobby products are now available in the Warlord web store.