New Publication: The Polish Army in 1939

Brush up on your early war with this in-depth, highly detailed & well-researched account of The Polish Army in 1939 by Vincent W.Rospond.

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More Soldiers fought and died in Poland in the 35 days of the campaign (both Polish & German), then did in France until May 1940. The battle for Poland was a hard fought affair and it is only now, with the fall of the iron curtain and the release of official government documents, that a relatively unbiased examination of the campaign can start to emerge.

The Polish Army in 1939 examines the September Campaign showing the background, organisation and planning of the army that faced the German and Soviet forces in the early days of World War II. Despite the short duration of the campaign, the Polish forces inflicted more casualties on the Germans then they would incur until mid-1940.

The equipment and vehicles used to defend Poland are shown in detail in black and white, and colour, photographs. In addition to a detailed order of battles, there are short biographies of some of the key Polish commanders.


  • Over 200 illustrations and maps
  • 175 pages
  • Published by Winged Hussar Publishing.

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