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New: Praetorian Cavalry!

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Resplendent in their cloaks and Attic helmets, the Praetorian cavalry cut a dashing figures on the tabletop. It wasn’t all looks though – they were capable of causing havoc with the enemy battleline and as such not many commanders will leave their fort without at least one unit of these noble horsemen. Whether you are looking for an escort for a Roman dignitary (or indeed the Emperor himself!) or looking to put the fear of the Gods into your opponent you know what you need to add to your army…

Praetorian Command

These 3 command models are available in one pack here.


You can purchase 3 rank and file cavalry models here.

You can also purchase these fine models as a complete regiment of 10 here.

Auxiliary Cavalry

Auxillary Cavalry with swords.

Auxiliary Cavalry

Auxillary Cavalry with spears.

Praetorian Guard

Praetorian Guard plastic boxed set.