New: Plastic Theban armoured Hoplites!

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Fresh in from Victrix are these new plastic Theban hoplites. Good for games set in the to 3rd Century BC, you can get your hands on them here.

This fantastic set of miniatures represents Greek Hoplites of Thebes, Boitia and Thessaly from the 5th Century covering the end of the wars with Persia, to the 4th century and the titanic struggle for Greek supremacy in the Peloponnesian war against Athens, Thebes rise and battle for Hegemony over Greece and the destructive war against Macedonia.

You get 48 plastic miniatures in the box. There are 8 head variants. There are thrusting arms options, spear at rest options and sword arms.  There are 8 figures per sprue, 4 have shield arms attached and 4 have no arms attached to enable you to make the musician and other speciality positions for officers and character figures. There are cloaks and various sword scabbards to add more character and flavour to your Hoplite miniatures.

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This set can be mixed with all the parts from the other 3 Hoplite sets, Athenian, Spartan and Mercenary which all have their own speciality heads and options to add yet more variety to your Greek armies.