New: Pike & Shotte Swordsmen!

The latest addition to our Pike & Shotte range are these splendid troops armed with sword and buckler.


Amongst the dense pike columns and sleeves of shot, could sometimes be found soldiers like these sword and buckler men. Sometimes used to defend the colours, sometimes formed into assault parties, they would certainly be where the fighting was the most fierce.


These great Warlord models are tooled up for the fray wih all manner of helmets, quality armour and of course the trademark sword and buckler. Two of the men are packing a pistol too, one with it on his belt and the other having a seperate arm, there being 3 differing bodies in total and a repeat body and loose arm to give the pistol option.

Each pack comes with 8 random metal swordsmen. You can grab some for your force by clicking here.