New: Pike & Shotte Army Deals!

With our recent Pike & Shotte releases now being available it’s about time we revisited our army deals! Cast your eyeglass over these offers and save yourselves a few sovereigns…

TYW Army

Thirty Years War Army

We’ve put together a terrific deal that enables you to raise your Tercios and Brigades with ease!

Choose between Imperialists or Swedish. with either Gustavus, the Swedish King, or Wallenstein to lead your men into battle.

The three foot regiments are a blaze of colour with their highly coloured flags marking them out in the line. They are closely supported by a brigade of cuirassiers which can serve for both sides and a separate unit of harquebusiers. A Saker cannon is there as some long range firepower. Finally we have placed either some dragoons, used by both armies, or some mercenary Scots, most likely to be found in the Swedish service.

Whichever army you chose , they will look great on the table top and can be added to as you build your army…

In this offer you get: –

1 x Mounted General – Choose from Gustavus Adolphus or Wallenstein

3 x Infantry Box Sets – Choose from Swedish and Imperialist

3 x Cuirassiers Box Sets

3 x Harquebusier Box sets

1 x Cavalry Box Sets – Choose from Parliament and Royalist or the new Swedish Cavalry

1 x Saker Cannon

1 x Allies – Choose from Montrose Irish or Dragoons

1 x Shotte Down in Flames – Casualty Pack

Pick up the massive deal for £265.00 here!

Harquebusier Cavalry Wing

Harquebusier Cav Deal

3 Boxes of Harquebusiers (36 models total) for £68 – saving you £7!

Currassier Wing

Currassier Wing Deal

3 Boxes of Cuirrassiers (36 models total) for £68 – saving you £7!


Pike & Shotte Field Army

This fantastic Pike & Shotte Field Army deal contains: –

1 x Mounted Commander – choose from Charles I, Prince Rupert, Oliver Cromwell, Earl Of Essex, Count Tilly, Gustavus Adolphus or Wallenstein)

1 x Pike & Shotte Battalia Starter Army boxed set

1 x Dragoons boxed set

1 x Cuirassiers boxed set

1 x Harquebusiers boxed set

1 x Firelocks boxed set

1 x Saker Cannon

That’s a total of 110 foot, 60 horse, 1 artillery piece, 2 sheets of full colour flags and a general!

All for a total of £145 – saving £17!

There’s plenty more Pike & Shotte deals for you to peruse here in the webstore. Have a look and see what strikes your fancy!