New: Panther (Ersatz M10)

Is it an M10? Out of the murky mists of the Ardennes forest prowls a tank marked with the star and in the green of the US army but something just isn’t quite right…

WGM-WM-234 Panther-ErsatzM10-b

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It’s the 5th December1944 and SS-Obersturmbannführer (lieutenant Colonel) Otto Skorzeny desperately tries to gather men and equipment for the offensive due to start just a few days later.


Kampfgruppe Y Prepares for ‘Wacht em Rhein’ 16th december 1944 

Skorzeny was famous for his daring rescue of Mussolini and perhaps more so his special commando units employed in operation ‘Greif’ part of the ‘Wacht em Rhein’ counter offensive, later known as the ‘Battle of the bulge’

Lacking real American equipment the resourceful German units turned to camouflage. By painting & welding on extra plates, they put together 5 panthers designed to have the general similarity to the American M10.

These Panthers were sent to join Kampfgruppe X (one of the 3 Kampfgruppe’s X,Y,Z that made up Otto Skorzeny’s Panzer Brigade 150, Y received five Stug III G’s with Saukopf mantlets painted as vehicles belonging to the US army 81st Tank Battalion) at their muster point near Münstereifel on the 14th.

Kampfgruppe X

B-7 knocked out 50m from the Warch bridge at Malmédy

This Ertzats Panther (M10) is perfect for representing Kampfgruppe X’s drive toward the Ambléve at Malmédy!

WGM-WM-234 Panther-ErsatzM10-a

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