New: Olive Drab and Sand coloured Order Dice

We’ve now completed the switch-over to our new-style Bolt Action Orders Dice with the arrival of the Sand coloured dice. Not only that but we’ve also added a new colour – Olive Drab which is great for US players.

WGB-DICE-17-Bolt-Action-Olive-Drab-dice WGB-DICE-11-Bolt-Action-Sand-dice


To celebrate the introduction of the new dice and to help you replace the old-style dice, we have a special offer for a limited time – two packs of the new orders dice for the price of one.

Not only that, but we are giving away a free pack of dice with every 1000 and 2000 point Bolt Action army that we sell – that’s free dice and a saving as part of the army deal!

These offers will be ending on Friday 11th April.

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