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New: Napoleon’s Berlin Carriage

Released this week is a fantastic centre-piece for your Black Powder collection – Napoleon’s Berlin Carriage.

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The kit includes Old Boney himself (although not the running away version John Stallard wanted…), his Chasseurs de la Garde bodyguard as well as the four-horse coach with coachman and two riders. Looking on from the front of the coach is Napeoleon’s ‘Mameluke’ servant, Roustan. The carriage was built for Napoleon’s Russian campaign but was captured by the Prussians at the Battle of Waterloo while the Emperor departed on horseback.

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Use the model as a command set, a battlefield objective or simply a cool terrain piece – its inspiring presence is bound it improve your dice rolls! And, of course, Napoleon makes the ultimate general for a French army (you can find his rules in the Albion Triumphant volume 2 supplement).


If using Napoleon and his Carriage as a command piece the following rules apply:

The model moves as a mounted Commander.

The famous carriage is an inspiring sight for the French troops. When measuring command distance , measure from Napoleon’s head as normal, but count the distance as 12″ closer than it actually is – so 24″ counts as 12″, 36″ counts as 24″, etc.

If the Emperor’s life is in danger, Napoleon’s bodyguard will whisk him back into the carriage and away to safety. If Napoleon would for any reason be removed as a casualty, instead roll a dice. On a 1, the Command model is removed as normal. On any other result, Napoleon survives and he and his carriage are moved 12″ towards the nearest friendly table edge (stopping if they reach the edge).


You can find a wealth of rules and details for fighting battles from the Hundred Days Campaign, including the Battle of Waterloo, in our Albion Triumphant volume 2 supplement:



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