New: More Anglo-Zulu War metals!

As we release more great Anglo-Zulu War products we’re also bringing you more metal models from Empress Miniatures. This week we’re adding three more sets to the range – check them out for yourselves here.




This 7 pounder of the Royal Artillery was one of two used at Isandlwana. It used a rugged carriage and could fire shell ball or case shot at close range. They would prove devastating at later battles.


These are the Heroes of Rorke’s Drift, or as Hollywood would have us believe anyway. The sullen but doughty Private Hook, the stoic but reluctant Lt Chard, the dandy English gentleman Lt Bromhead VC and the unflappable bayonet fighting Colour Sgt Bourne. Victoria Cross winners all.

Native Horse

These are the Native Horse; well-motivated men on wiry ponies and eager to have a go at their traditional enemies, the Zulus. Armed with breech loading carbines and a sheath full of assegais they are perfect for scouting ahead of the main British force.


The Dismounted Boers pack contains 8 random Boers looking armed and dangerous!
Add them to your force by clicking here!

Mtd Lts

Pick up Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Burmester Pulleine and Lieutenant Melvill mounted on horses here!