New: Mega-City Mercenaries

Out today, a whole host of mercenaries and characters to add firepower to your Mega-City gangs:


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Trained by the outlaw Fighting Heart Kwoon in the Radlands of Ji, Stan Lee is one of the few to have ever bested Judge Dredd in close combat. In demand all over the world, Stan Lee is an unparalleled assassin who needs nothing but his fists to defeat an enemy.



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A resident of the Undercity, Fergee became a hero of Mega-City One when he joined forces with Judge Dredd to defeat the mad tyrant Chief Judge Cal. He proved fearless, even when capturing a pat wagon or going up against Kleggs in hand-to-hand combat.



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Judge impersonators are rare in Mega-City One, as the penalties for being caught (and they always are) are severe. However, juves are not prone to caring about legalities and while not completely convincing, particularly strong-willed juve can sometimes pull off the manner of a judge long enough to cause doubt.



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The meaninglessness of existence in Mega-City One, the loneliness, the unemployment and rising crime levels cause many citizens to simply flip out. Staring out of their block window onto the city one day, they will suddenly be hit with Future Shock Syndrome. Running amok, they go on a murderous rampage, ending only when a judge successfully arrests or puts them out of their misery. Armed with gun, kitchen knife and saucepan, this lady has clearly had enough of domestic life!



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Both criminal and biker, Spikes was released from the iso-cubes by Judge Dredd during a perilous mission across the Cursed Earth to take an important vaccine to Mega-City Two. Spikes was familiar with the territory, as it had been his stomping ground during his gun running days