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New: Konflikt ’47 US, British and German heads!

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Personalise your Konflikt ’47 force with these characterful heads:

US Blast helmets and gas masks!

As the dangers of war increase, so does the need to increase the level of protection of our troops to give them a fighting chance. The blast helmet allows heavy infantry to shrug off close encounters with enemy ordnance and keep moving forwards.


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The gas masks protect them from barbaric chemical concoctions cruelly made to make any man suffer.


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British Lancelot and gas masks!

The Lancelot helmets keeps the users protected whilst making them look the part of an heroic, ancient knight, truly inspiring honour within the grim reality of war.


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The gas masks allows troops to protect themselves from dangerous and frequent gas attacks, giving them the ability to combat anything the enemy can throw at them. More importantly adding these new heads to your figures can really make your themed army stand out.


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German Assault Pioneer Helmet!

First to the front, these assault Pioneers provide fortifications for the upcoming divisions and must be protected to create such defences. Giving them heavy armour over their face and head is by far the most ideal source of protection.


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Upgrade your Bolt Action!

Each of these heads are available to use the Warlord figure head swap system, allowing any of these heads to attach to any body. Below are some appropriate choices:

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