New! King’s Colours Flag Sheets

The first four sheets in our new King’s Colours range of paper flags are ready for you now!

These initial A4 sheets focus on the English Civil wars with the Parliamentarians and Royalists each getting two sheets. More King’s Colours sheets on the way for the Scots, Irish, and Thirty Years war just for starters:

The first sheet, KC01: Parlimentarians, holds the following colours:

• Blew Trained Bands of the City of London – 4th Captain and Major
• Commonwealth flag
• Clubmen
• Sir Phillip Skippon’s Regiment – Major and 4th Captain
• Sir Thomas Fairfax’s Regiment – 3rd Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel
• Colonel John Hutchinson’s Regiment – 1st Captain and Major

The second Parliamentarian sheet, KC02, covers for colours for the following regiments:

• Lord Brooke’s Regiment of Foote – 5th Captain and 7th Captain
• Lord Saye & Sele’s Regiment of Foote – 2nd Captain and 3rd Captain
• Colonel Samuel Jones Regiment – 2nd Captain and 3rd Captain
• Commonwealth flag
• Clubmen colours
• Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote – 2nd Captain & 3rd Captain

Sheet KC03 holds a large variety of flags for the forces of the King:

• Royal Standard
• Clubmen
• Colonel Richard Bagot’s Regiment – 2nd Captain and Major (or 1st Captain)
• Colonel Sir Henry Bard’s Regiment – 1st Captain and Major
• Earl of Northampton’s Regiment – 2nd Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel
• Sir Ralph Hopton’s Regiment – 2nd Captain and 4th Captain

Our final (for now!) sheet is KC04 and again covers the Royalist force, such as:

• King’s Lifeguard – 3rd Captain and Major
• Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s Regiment – 1st Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel
• Marquis of Newcastle’s Regiment – 2nd Captain and 3rd Captain
• John Talbot’s Regiment – Major and 2nd Captain
• Commonwealth flag
• Clubmen

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