New: Kfz 69/70 Horch heavy field car!

This stalwart transport and tow is the latest release in our huge range of resin and metal WWII vehicles. The Horch 1a heavy field car would be known officially as the Kfz 69 when towing the PaK 36 anti-tank gun, or the Kfz 70 when used as a personnel carrier.

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Produced during the early years of the war, the Horch 1a would serve throughout the war and in all theatres in which the German army fought – Russian Front, Western Desert, NW Europe etc. The four-wheel drive field car could reach a top speed of 90km/hour on roads and carried a complement of up to six passengers.

In the Bolt Action game the Horch field car can be fielded as a truck although in the forthcoming Armies of Germany supplement it makes an appearance as it’s own entry – both as a heavy field car and also mounting a 20mm flak gun…

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We also have a version in the works with the canopy lowered, allowing for more detailing and crew miniatures…